Because Protecting Your Information Is Our Top Priority

Northern California Paper Recyclers, Inc. has one of the largest secondary paper processing plants in the State of California.

We have been under the scrutiny and walkthroughs of our destruction process from various departments from the U.S. Federal Government, State of California, and Bay Area County Services, as well as Hospitals and various Legal Institutions. We have been in the business for years; we are the professionals to choose.

We are a fully liability insured company and also carry additional insurance to cover the handling of confidential material in regards to compliancy of HIPPA, (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) as well as GLBA. (Gramm-Leach-Baily Acct of 1999)

Employees are only allowed to enter and exit the building from the front entrance to start and end their workday. Supervisors monitor them as they check in and out each work period.

The material destruction process is constantly monitored by floor supervisors or managers.

The yard of our plant is enclosed by a chain link fence topped with a string of barbed wire.  All of our metal rolling doors are chain locked by a prearranged time each work day.

All employees are monitored as they leave the building then one final walk through of the plant is completed by supervisors or managers. The building entrances are then secured and the security system is set.  We use maximum security procedures to ensure that any materials sitting  in our plant  are secured  from unauthorized  viewing.

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