Paper Recycling Programs

We offer three types of programs for the retrieval of your recyclable materials:

On Call Basis
 You call us to let us know your containers are almost full then a pickup is arranged to retrieve your containers.

Regular Service
 After a trial period to establish your use pattern, a regular pickup schedule is then established for your location or locations. One of your professionally staffed trucks will pick your materials regularly eliminating the need for  you to call in each time.

Self Drop-off
 You may choose to delivery your recyclable materials to our plant in Hayward.

As an added value to our customers, we will also pickup your recyclable aluminum cans and glass bottles.

In order to cover our cost and overhead, we require a minimum of 700 pounds per pickup at least every 6 weeks. To achieve this amount, your company would need to fill one of the following containers for pick-up:

– 3 canvas hampers
– 1 to 2 cubic yard metal bin
– 3 to 4 large carts
– 2 cages

Northern California Paper Recyclers can handle many types of recyclable materials.

Office Pack Program
This program is an assortment of different papers which allows you to mix the following grades of paper into one container:

– White Paper
– Fax Paper
– NCR Forms
– Color Paper
– Computer Paper
– White Envelopes
– Manila Folders & Envelopes
– Obsolete Files & records
– Glossy Flyers & Brochures

Mixed Paper Program
Designed as a catch-all for your secondary paper. The Mixed Paper Program contain all grades of paper in the ‘office pack’ program and allows for the collection of the following as well:

– Newspaper
– Catalogs
– Junk Mail
– Magazines
– Paper Wrappers
– Cardboard, etc.

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